Fence Regulations Yorba Linda, CA

Municipal Code Summary

A wall or fence shall not exceed 36 inches in height for any portion of the required front yard located directly in front of the dwelling and for a width equal to the minimum lot width for the zone. All other portions of the required front yard may have a wrought iron fence not exceeding 5 feet in height. In order to fence or wall in the required front yard to exceed these requirements, a conditional use permit shall be approved by the Planning Commission after review by the City Traffic Engineer. A wall or fence not more than 6 feet in height may be maintained along a side or rear property line provided it is not adjacent to a public street, and further provided that such wall or fence does not extend into the required front yard.

Yorba Linda Neighborhoods: Amalfi Hills, Eastlake Heights, Fairgreen, Fairmont Hill, Fairmont Knolls, Fernglen Triangle, Foxfield, Grandview, Hidden Hills, Jamestown, Kerrigan Ranch, Old Village, Parkside Estates, Rancho Dominguez, Rolling Greens, Stonehaven Drive, The Preserve, Troy Estates, Villagio, Warmington, Woodgate, Yorba Ranch

Yorba Linda Municipal Code


4845 Casa Loma Avenue
Yorba Linda, CA 92885



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