Fence Regulations Stanton, CA

Municipal Code Summary

Any person proposing to install a new wall or fence or to replace or repair an existing wall or fence shall submit copies of the plans and details to the Director for review and approval. The submittal package shall include a plot plan drawn to scale, reflecting lot lines, adjacent public rights-of-way, driveways and existing buildings and structures. A dimensional detail of the proposed fence or wall shall also be provided reflecting the proposed materials and proposed height from existing and finished grade. The Director shall approve the proposed fence or wall only if it is found to be in compliance with the applicable provisions of this Chapter. Replacement walls and fences shall meet current standards. A fence or wall shall be installed or constructed only following the issuance of a Building Permit. Fences located in the front setback area shall not exceed a maximum height of 42in and fences located in the side and rear setback areas shall not exceed a maximum height of 6ft.

Stanton Neighborhoods: Cody Street, College Drive, Crow Village, Knott Avenue, Serena, Smoketree, Stanton Square, Sunshine Village, The Palazzo, Yana Drive

Stanton Municipal Code


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